School Reunion Year 2

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School Reunion Year 2 PDF ebook download In the corner stood an elfin figure, fidgeting restlessly from foot to foot. Hands on head, fingers twisting short blonde tresses, even white teeth gnawing at her bottom lip.
Her short flared skirt had been flipped up and tucked into a thin silver belt. The burnished skin of her pert bottom radiated a rosy glow, just visible through the sheen of pale blue tights. Tangled around slender ankles, just above sensible sandals, was a pair of lilac knickers.

Now we've made School Reunion, our highly popular collection of spanking stories, available in three shorter compilations. From private nurses to female wrestlers, policewomen to shop assistants; behind closed doors in hospitals and schools, modest flats and spacious houses, women are being spanked.

Arguing, protesting but ultimately acquiescing, wives and girlfriends, mothers-in-law and strangers are discovering the pain and pleasures of domestic discipline. Fortunately Laurel Aspen was close by to record the results in another arousing selection of short spanking stories. Could similar scenes be happening next-door to you?

eBook School Reunion Year 2

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