Berlin Nights

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Berlin Nights PDF ebook download “None of that, darling, I like to see what I’m going to eat.”

In the zeitgeist of Weimar era Berlin, Jutta and Elfie are just two women, two strangers, out to have a little bit of fun. Will the charming young 'gent', Jutta, have what it takes to catch old-money Elfriede's fancy?

Dive into the lush and lecherous world of the Berlin club scene in 1931 and get a juicy bite of hot girl on girl action in this sexy story of lust, supernatural surprises, and fully consensual adult lesbian sex. Perhaps you'll find that Elfie has hidden motivations all her own!

“You are a beautiful girl, Elfie, why is it that you don’t have a girlfriend?”
“Oh, I have so many girlfriends.” She laughs, “Not in the way I think you mean, however. Life is too short and uncertain to get all wrapped up in things. I spend my time with whom I choose.”
“That seems so logical in the city, but back where I used to live that would never work.”
“People talk too much for such things, I’m sure. It isn’t so unlike that here, at least, within a community like ours. I could tell you the entire tawdry web of sex in the Berlin girl culture, but I’d have to draw you a diagram if you ever hoped to understand it.”
“I’d like to see that sometime.”
“Oh, I’d be more than happy to show you whatever you’d like, Jutta. You’re so dashing in your tux...” She smiles shyly and takes a long drag from her cigarette.
“Whatever I’d like? You shouldn't tempt me, when my thoughts start to wander they really can’t be stopped.”
“What is your mind wandering off to right now?”
“Right now I’m wondering what your lips would taste like if I kissed them, but a moment ago I was also wondering what you’d feel like in my lap.”
Elfie blushes a bit at her frankness but moves quickly to scoot herself into Jutta’s lap. She settles in with her back to the curtained front of the booth and her feet hanging towards the back. Jutta moves her arm behind her lower back to steady her. She runs her other hand delicately up one of Elfriede’s silk stocking clad legs to rest on her knee, just under the hem of her dress.
“Now,” Jutta whispers, “About those kisses...”
She leans in and kisses Elfie sweetly, their soft lips connecting with an electric tingle that sends shivers down their spines. She kisses her again and their passion begins to swell, opening their mouths and tongues together in a frenzied embrace. Jutta moves the hand on the small of Elfie’s back up to the back of her head, kissing her harder and holding her close.
A moan slips from Elfie’s throat and wafts up to the ceiling along with the smoke from their newly abandoned cigarettes. Jutta slowly began to edge her fingertips higher on the slim young heiress’s thigh, searching for her skin above the roll of her white silk stocking. Elfie wraps her arms around the more masculine woman’s neck and continues their frenzied oral exchange.

(For more excerpts, take a peek inside the book. The contents are just too hot to post here!)

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