The Condotte's Daughter

PDF-file by Gary Wedlund

The Condotte's Daughter PDF ebook download Ira met Tundy wrapped in a royal blanket and lying on the woodpile. “Won’t you just look at her! I love her already. What if they find her and take her back?”
Thereafter, Pa hid the girl by pretending she was a son. Ira died and he raised her to the trail and the gun, right up to the day they drafted his joy into the warlord’s army. She appeared destined for a pleasure company if discovered, and two days into training she was.
Tundy determined to fight to stay in the cavalry, do her time, come home with honor and find a new wife for her Pa before starting her own courting. Regarding such duty, her Pa had suggested she be most diligent, and in particular, avoid the royals and priests because, “They’re nothing but trouble, and there’s a reason one of them hid you away.”
But of course, things don’t happen like you plan, right from the start, including the light of post-pubescent magic, a boy from a death-dealing airship and a pretentious little princess.

eBook The Condotte's Daughter

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