Bold & Beautiful (Future Alphas, #1)

PDF-file by Christin Lovell

Bold & Beautiful (Future Alphas, #1) PDF ebook download Aura is a plus size teen in a small town. Her mother can’t seem to accept her weight issues, when she’s around, and her classmates remind her of her struggles daily. It’s not that Aura lacks confidence; she’s suffering from a lack of acceptance.

Until he moves into town…

Jonas’ entire pack has just relocated to Leesburough. He’s less than enthusiastic, until he happens upon his mate. Now his wolf won’t stop until he claims her. In a situation where instinct and timing are rivals, how long can he remain in control?

He’s always believed everything happens for a reason. That belief is challenged when he meets Aura… until he discovers her secrets, which exceed his own.

eBook Bold & Beautiful (Future Alphas, #1)

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