And the Violins Stopped Playing

PDF-file by Alexander Ramati

And the Violins Stopped Playing PDF ebook download Wow i can't believe i forgot i had read this one, but o well, i read it when i was like 12 years old in one of the Reader's Digest compilations.

Truth be told, this one is a hidden jewel, should be considered one of the greatest WWII books ever written], but it's sad that a lot of people have never heard of this book, i have never seen it as an standalone book.

What makes the book so five starish? I think its the ability that the book has to keep you reading, no matter how harsh or sad the history gets, it gives you yet another view on WWII, it reminds you that it wasnt just the jews that suffered.

Just gotta say it again, this is a must read.

eBook And the Violins Stopped Playing

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