Practical Pediatrician

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Practical Pediatrician PDF ebook download Designed to meet parents' informational and record-keeping needs, The Practical Pediatrician provides a special fold-out guide for the ongoing process of child-proofing the home; the flip side of this chart has a checklist for recording your child's immunizations. A special section in the back of the book offers charts listing what to expect at well-child visits, with pertinent questions to ask your doctor, as well as growth and head-circumference measurement charts to track your child's progress. Written with modern parents in mind, Drs. Markel and Oski discuss newly important topics such as health issues related to TV, video games, and the Internet; obesity; choosing and evaluating day care; passive smoking; disposable vs. cloth diapers; negotiating with your child; AIDS; saying "No" to drugs; handling disagreements between parents; and talking with your child about divorce and death. Throughout, the authors deal with issues of particular interest to both single parents and two-career households. The wealth of information conveyed with reassuring advice, humor, and the invaluable expertise of Howard Markel and Frank Oski, makes The Practical Pediatrician a perfect guide through the questions and rewards of parenthood.

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