Feline Flirtations (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (The Flesh-Shifter Cycle)

PDF-file by Erin Lynn

Feline Flirtations (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (The Flesh-Shifter Cycle) PDF ebook download Living in a no-nothing Oregon town was safe, if a little boring, for the bookish Chloe Irving. That is, until the night she decided to meet a mysterious hottie from Craigstlist. When Doyle O'Brynn turns out to be more than just your run-of-the-mill young Irish millionaire, and Chloe is saved by the devilishly handsome Kell O'Brynn, she has no choice but to pursue her would-be-murderer and unravel the mysteries of the Sidhe world. Caught between the dangerous affections of two Cait Sidhe-shifter brothers, can she resist the O'Brynn brothers' feline flirtations, and above of all, survive?

Feline Flirtations is the second novellette in the Flesh-Shifter Cycle, the new paranormal erotica/romance series about the mysterious Flesh-Shifters and the women who love them.

HEA and intended for mature readers (18+).

eBook Feline Flirtations (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (Flesh-Shifter Cycle #2) (The Flesh-Shifter Cycle)

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