Boneshaker (BA 43-100, #6)

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Boneshaker (BA 43-100, #6) PDF ebook download [Table of Features BA 43-100]

7 Record of the Cyclist
{for the enlisted, to be used in the field}

8 Preface: Where, or Who, is Our Guidon?
{a brief note from the editors}

10 Letters to the Editor
{various voices sung near and far}

14 This Two-Wheeled Life
{in the verse of Mr. Jason Crane, there are ways to change your life}

21 Among The Giants
{from deep within the forest, Mr. Marcus Lund feels a tug from home}

29 Small Time Adventures
{Ms. Shea’la Finch urges you to raise your flag and declare an adventure}

30 Smidge & Space Go West
{part 1 of Ms. Maureen Foley’s drawn depiction of a vexing trip}

41 Bikeless
{Ms. Julia Vanderham learns to ride a bike…25 years after everyone else}

47 Almost Trued Pantoum
{Mr. Daniel Hales, at last, has both tires trued}

48 Lost En Route Around The World
{Ms. Alison Krieger finds David V. Herlihy who looks for Frank Lenz in The Lost Cyclist}

55 Dialogue
{“Yes, I rode my bike here,” explains Ms. Nadia Oehlsen, “more than a mile from my home... in the dark. Yes, it is winter.”}

58 Biking in the Bayou
{the fantastic Ms. Kristin Fouquet’s beautiful photo essay of bicycles in New Orleans}

68 Swedish Army Bicycles Hit the Streets of the States
{novelist Mr. Dan DeWeese takes a Kronan into battle and wins}

75 He’s Getting On
{Mr. Jason Hardung interviews James Kaelan about his debut book, We’re Getting On, which he toured by bicycle on the West Coast last summer}

82 Practicing For Victory
{arms raised, but what’s the contest, wonders Mr. Eric Parker}

83 Home And Away
{a Freeman Transport bicycle goes a long, long way, its bicoastal travel journal captured by Mr. Chris Milliman in gorgeous vintage-style photographs}

89 Bike Commuter Betty Is Back!
{our beloved Betty tackles abandoned bikes and riding a fixed gear}

94 Notes On Tim Krabbé’s Classic The Rider
{Tennessee’s own Mr. Kenneth Crockett reconsiders a 1978 masterpiece about European racing}

99 Bicycles + Automobiles + Snow = Pure Philly Poetry
{a delicate truce observed by Mr. Joshua Kleiman when the snow piles deeply}

101 Welcome to Eutaw, Alabama
{Mr. James Maxwell’s hand drawn map of a bike ride to enlightenment}

102 The Kickback Hubs of the 1960s
{the ever-knowledgeable Mr. Marc-Andre Chimonas explains what’s so cool about a nifty two-speed coaster brake hub}

109 Bikeloc
{an interview with Mr. Robert DuBois who biked 4,521 miles across 16 states to capture stories of the local food movement through potlucks}

114 Bicycling And Freedom in American Film: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
{Mr. Brian Park thinks beyond the iconic full moon photo of a boy on a bike in whose basket is carried one homesick alien}

117 Boneshaker’s 200-Word Reviews
{twice as many words as usual for cargo nets and SealLine Urban™ Backpacks}

120 Down The Rabbit Hole
{Mr. Eric Parker knits it up nicely: “Returning to driving has felt like a big step backward.”}

“The bicycle had, and still has, a humane, almost classical moderation in the kind of pleasure it offers. It is the kind of machine that a Hellenistic Greek might have invented and ridden. It does no violence to our normal reactions: It does not pretend to free us from our normal environment.” ~ J.B. Jackson

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