How to be a Gardener

PDF-file by Alan Titchmarsh

How to be a Gardener PDF ebook download How to be a Gardener Book Two available in long last in paperback is the hugely successful follow up to the fastest-selling gardening title of all time.

Having set out the basic principles of gardening in Book One, this second volume takes an in depth look at all areas of designing and planting your garden.

Alan's love of gardening and years of experience really come to the fore as he demonstrates how to create a garden to be proud of. Covering both design and plants, the chapters include boundaries and climbers, patios and containers, borders and perennials and water and wildlife gardens.

Released to coincide with How to be a Gardener Revisited, a reversioned series of HTBAG 1 & 2 featuring new footage with Alan Titchmarsh in January 2005.

With its perfect balance of practical advice and inspirational ideas, How to be a Gardener Book Two gets to the very heart of gardening and, together with How to be a Gardener Book One, provides a complete reference manual for any garden owner.

eBook How to be a Gardener

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