The Nature of Nature

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When Brett Jacobsen returns to Richmond to build an office complex, he knows this is his chance to design what he wants, instead of what someone else dictates. He has the land, the vision and the clients, and he vows nothing will stop him. However, he hasn’t counted on the breathtakingly beautiful woman living adjacent to the proposed building site.

Linda Anderson promised her grandfather she would do her best to keep his property free of development. After his death she couldn’t prevent its sale, but she can now try to prevent the planned office complex from being built. In fact, she’s determined to do that, even if it means ending a relationship with the sexiest man she’s ever known.

A talented architect who comes home to build the project of his dreams and a sexy florist determined to stop him, find they can fight each other but they can’t best Mother Nature, or her plans for them.

Brett has his dream, Linda her promise. Are either of them willing to compromise for love?

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