Road to Absolution (Dogs of Fire MC, # 3)

PDF-file by Piper Davenport

Road to Absolution (Dogs of Fire MC, # 3) PDF ebook download 18+ for language and sexual situations...

Carter ‘Ace’ Quinn has spent his life running from the rage caused by a broken heart. After several tours in the Air Force, and continued missions as a para-jumper, he spends his down time within the Dogs of Fire Motorcycle Club.

Cassidy Dennis is living with a choice she made years ago that lost her the love of her life but gained her something more precious. However, she misses her best friend and longs for the love they’d been building.

When a chance meeting brings the two together, will they put aside their hurts and forgive each other?

Will the jealousies of outsiders force the two apart?

eBook Road to Absolution (Dogs of Fire MC, # 3)

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