So Brilliantly Clever

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So Brilliantly Clever PDF ebook download On June 22, 1954, teenage friends Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker went for a walk in a New Zealand park with Pauline’s mother Honora. Half an hour later, the girls returned alone; Honora Parker lay, savagely murdered, in a sea of blood on a lonely track. With Parker and Hulme quickly arrested, the story made shock headlines around the world. This mesmerizing book offers a brilliant account of the crime and ensuing trial and shares dramatic revelations about the fates of Juliet Hulme (whose pen name is Anne Perry, the bestselling murder-mystery writer) and Pauline Parker after their release from prison. With penetrating insight, this thorough analysis applies modern psychology to analyze the shocking murder that remains one of the most interesting cases of all time.

eBook So Brilliantly Clever

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