Numbers Don't Lie

PDF-file by Shelley K. Wall

Numbers Don't Lie PDF ebook download What if you uncovered illegal actions at work, and unknown enemies set you up as the prime suspect? What if the real criminal would stop at nothing to keep you from reporting what you've found? Sophie Henderson, the manager of a software development team, finds herself facing just that situation.Her day begins like any other, with what appears to be just another routine project. But by the end of that day, Sophie's on the run, hiding from her staff and friends, and fleeing from an unknown person who will do whatever it takes to keep her from delving deeper into discrepancies in the accounting system. By chance, she finds an ally and protector in Trevor Adams, a consultant she considers hiring to help her evaluate the data errors. She quickly finds herself falling for Trevor-but, unfortunately, he may not be who she thinks he is.After the informant who alerted the FBI to a large embezzlement scheme dies suddenly, Trevor-an undercover FBI investigator-is sent in. When a chance encounter in a lightning storm lands him front and center with Sophie, things get complicated. Trevor must now protect her from the unknown forces that want her quieted, and now, he's not sure whether she's a suspect ... or a victim. The more his team digs into the data she gives him, the guiltier she appears. Worse, the longer he's with her, the more attracted he becomes.

eBook Numbers Don't Lie

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