Megan's Year

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Megan's Year PDF ebook download Megan’s family belongs to the Irish Travelers, descended from the tinkers of long ago.She spends summers traveling with them from town to town, enjoying days outdoors and sleeping in their caravan at night, as her father seeks odd jobs and farm work.Winters are spent crammed into government housing in Dublin, where she attends school and where they is a “building where you ride an elevator to an office and they give you money for food.”Her parents have different preferences on their lifestyle and her older siblings are leaning toward a more settled life.Megan, like her father, loves life on the road and struggles with the confines of the city, the bullying and teasing of her classmates, and the tight quarters in which they must live.Her heart lifts as the sparrows return and the buds are forming on the trees—her feet may be in Dublin, but her heart hurries “down a road toward summer” where “what’s ahead could be anything.”Whelan introduces readers to a little known, and disappearing, way of life.She works much information into the text, yet her language is often lyrical.Some words of Gammon, the Traveler’s secret language, are incorporated into the text and there is a slight glossary in the back.Peck’s blurred paintings convey the beauty of the Irish landscape and the tightness of the city.Her faces, however, are nondescript, with features disproportionate.Teachers will find book valuable in multicultural units; children will be intrigued by this dual way of life.

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