House of Magic (Magic Baby Series, #3)

PDF-file by Scarlett Cantrell

House of Magic (Magic Baby Series, #3) PDF ebook download Now they face their biggest challenge yet: Love

Not content just being Melissa's part-time lover, Leanne sets out to change things. She wants the real thing now, not a simulation of a real family. She's getting ideas into her head of the long-term commitment kind...

But her efforts to woo Melissa are proving difficult. Not only is their sorceress daughter, Megan, losing control of her magic and causing havoc every chance she gets, Melissa's making it clear that she isn't the type of person who likes to be wooed. She also has other things on her mind. She's been acting strange lately – sneaking out at night, questioning her purpose in life, not arguing. Leanne worries that there's someone else on the scene.

The reality, however, might be much worse.

**Book Three (final book) in the Magic Baby Series**

**This is a novella of 29,500 words, or approximately 120 printed pages.

eBook House of Magic (Magic Baby Series, #3)

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