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Oni PDF ebook download Reads like a cross between James Clavell and Robert Ludlum.ONI is a sprawling, intricately plotted epic thriller—one that requires a good deal of mental effort, but which rewards you for your patience.
Superficially, the plot is very exciting: a burned-out Special Forces vet joins with a U.S. congresswoman in trying to take down Japan's biggest conglomerate, which secretly took part in WW2 atrocities and now has influential ties with the U.S. government.This Japanese conglomerate may have a traitor in its midst, but it is also protected by the most lethal and heartless assassin in all the world: a man so evil, he is known as "Oni," a Japanese demon.
Sounds thrilling, right?Well, it is.But it's also surprisingly slow.About 60% of this book is backstory, mostly detailing the personal histories of the principal characters.In fact, author Marc Olden spends so much time on this stuff, that ONI winds up being more of a character study than an action thriller.Imagine something like the movie MAGNOLIA, only with ninjas and lots of torture and bloodshed.The plot of this book is so complicated and carefully intertwined that you really have to stay on your toes to make complete sense of it all.About two-thirds of the way through, Olden gives a recap of everything that has happened up to that point, as though even he doesn't trust in the reader's ability to keep up.

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