Treasures from the National Library of Ireland

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Treasures from the National Library of Ireland PDF ebook download The material in the National Library of Ireland has been drawn from over 1,000 years of history and represents many strands of human endeavor and achievement. Established in 1877, the National Library was primarily set up to function as a national book archive, storing a copy of every book, newspaper, and periodical of Irish origin or interest published through the ages. This book presents representative selections from the library's vast collection of maps, architectural drawings, photographs, manuscripts, books, posters, newpapers, and prints, including:* a first edition of James Joyce's Ulysses* a 12th-century Latin deed by Dermot MacMurrough * an 1865 issue of The Police Gazette * a poster for the opening of the Abbey Theatre * a self-portrait by John Butler Yeats. Color & b&w photos & illus.

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