Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals

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Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals PDF ebook download "The Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals contains biographies of more than four hundred prominent evangelicals and evangelical forebears. Each of these figures has significantly influenced the evangelical community: to learn about them is better to understand the history and present nature of that community." The volume ranges chronologically from the morning star of the Reformation, John Wyclif, to important shapers of twentieth century evangelicalism such as John Stott. The greatest Reformers, Puritans and Pietists appear alongside the leaders of the eighteenth-century evangelical revival and many of their diverse successors. Ministers and theologians, evangelists and preachers, writers and missionaries, and some from other professions comprise a gallery of notables from the English-speaking evangelical world. Comprehensive and accessible articles combine rigorous historical scholarship with profound human interest.

eBook Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals

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