Flesh and Feathers

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Flesh and Feathers PDF ebook download Waitress Azaleigh Carlton’s life was simple. That is, until she meets Kale and Gage – two very different and charming men. One she loves and the other she can’t live without. She soon finds out that the people closest to her are hiding a secret, one that will change her life forever. And now, someone or something is trying to kill her. As chaos unfolds, she learns of a world where good and evil are in constant battle – with both sides winning and losing equally. What does one do when hell won’t let you win and evil just won’t die?

Excerpt from Flesh and Feathers:

“Go to hell!” I shouted as I began walking hard steps down the alley that would lead to the city sidewalk.

“Azaleigh!” he shouted, grabbing my arm and spinning me around to face him.

My only reaction was to slap him hard across his face. The loud sound of my hand making contact with his cheek shocked me, but I was too angry to care. “No! You don’t understand! You don’t ever get to touch me again!”

I shrugged harshly out of his grip. Just then, a heavy gust blew, ruffling my hair and blinding me as I turned to walk away, followed by a loud thud. Taking a step forward, I brushed my hair from my face, but then stopped suddenly. A man wearing a white hooded cloak stood in front of me. At first I stopped because I was astonished by what he was wearing, but as I studied him, I noticed the slender sword-like object that he gradually pulled from his side. My body began to tremble with fear.

eBook Flesh and Feathers

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