Open Road's New Year's Eve 1999!

PDF-file by Susan Jones

Open Road's New Year's Eve 1999! PDF ebook download Confetti ... balloons ... the surge of excitement as the countdown begins Millennium mania is already sweeping the country, and the rest of the world too, as dozens of hotels, restaurants, ballrooms, and cities begin planning the party of the century on December 31, 1999. Open Road's New Year's Eve 1999 provides a complete, detailed travel planner for readers to select the most fun way to ring in the year 2000.Readers can begin the new century aboard a luxurious ocean liner or in a medieval castle in Ireland; celebrate with the family at Disney World's blockbuster extravaganza or dance the evening away at New York's renowned Rainbow Room; attend the Imperial Ball in Vienna or party at the base of the pyramids in Egypt; or join in Seattle's festivities revolving around the city's famed Space Needle.

This is the only book of its kind offering readers comprehensive information on
— First Night celebrations in cities around the country and the world
— Cruise packages, special tours, and festivals all geared to New Year's Eve 1999
— Hotel, restaurant, and entertainment complex information, including how to get married on this special New Year's Eve
— Do-it-yourself ideas for those on a budget.

All prices are given as they have been announced, and travel planning information is provided for each major event. New Year's Eve 1999 will help readers plan their celebrations and make their entrance into the new millennium unforgettable.

eBook Open Road's New Year's Eve 1999!

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