Waterfowl Ecology and Management

PDF-file by Guy A. Baldassarre

Waterfowl Ecology and Management PDF ebook download This extremely well-written, exquisitely illustrated book offers students and professional conservationists alike the first exhaustive treatment of contemporary waterfowl ecology and management. Its comprehensive treatment reflects the collaborative effort of two of North America's most active waterfowl researchers and educators, Guy Baldassarre and Eric G. Bolen. Unlike books that deal largely with aspects of the natural history of waterfowl, this unique text provides a unified treatment of all essential aspects of waterfowl ecology coupled with a critical investigation of the general principles of waterfowl habitats and their direct and indirect management. The distillation of more than 1,600 scientific papers and reports garnered from sources around the world, as well as the authors' original research, this compendium summarizes virtually all that is currently known about North American waterfowl - feeding ecology, mortality, courtship, reproduction, and much more. Just as importantly, the authors never lose sight of crucial issue surrounding waterfowl management, both from the standpoints of habitat and official policy. Coming at what may be the most critical time in history for waterfowl, this important text is an invaluable reference for students, practicing conservationists, environmentalists, government policy makers, and all those concerned with the future of this group of wildlife and their habitats. Featuring more than 100 beautiful photographs and the elegant drawings of artist D. Andrew Saunders, Waterfowl Ecology and Management is as esthetically enriching as it is scientifically rigorous.

eBook Waterfowl Ecology and Management

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