Earthworm Gods

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Earthworm Gods PDF ebook download One day it started raining—and it never stopped...

So began Brian Keene’s The Conqueror Worms. Fans have long marveled over that post-apocalyptic landscape—a flooded earth filled with bizarre and terrifying monsters. Since its publication, readers have clamored for more.

Earthworm Gods: Selected Scenes From The End Of The World features thirty-two all-new short stories set in the universe of The Conqueror Worms. From the first drop of rain to humanity’s last waterlogged stand, Earthworm Gods: Selected Scenes From The End Of The World chronicles the fall of man against a horrifying, unstoppable evil. And as the waters rise over the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere—brand new monsters surface—along with some familiar old favorites—to wreak havoc on an already devastated mankind. Whether you’re a hardcore Keene enthusiast or just a fan of the original novel, this collection is a must-read.

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