Ending Evil (Evil Secrets Trilogy, #3)

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Ending Evil (Evil Secrets Trilogy, #3) PDF ebook download The Evil Trilogy
Three friends believe they have escaped the evil clutches that have haunted them since childhood until a stranger brings revenge full circle.

Ending Evil

The castoff daughter of rock star, Nick Tyler and artist, Ella Canyon, Quinn is determined to overcome her grim childhood and achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Over the years her friends have provided support like family, but even they have no idea the dark secrets she harbors. And when Cade Boyd sets out to end her life, she’s forced to make decisions that will put everything she holds dear, at risk.

Attorney Reese Brennan is drawn to the first year resident doctor. But Quinn’s resistance to him only makes him more determined. He suspects she’s had a difficult past. But nothing prepares him for the truth. When Cade Boyd ramps up his efforts to make Quinn pay for the past, together Reese and Quinn will do anything to crush what’s left of a legal dynasty. They’ll break the law. They’ll go to any lengths to put an end to the evil, now and forever.

eBook Ending Evil (Evil Secrets Trilogy, #3)

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