A Man With No Time (Simeon Grist Mystery, #5)

PDF-file by Timothy Hallinan

A Man With No Time (Simeon Grist Mystery, #5) PDF ebook download Raging underneath the high-profile headline crimes that throw a community into uproar are the back-alley wars that really control the pulse of a city. In his latest adventure, Simeon Grist, with his hard edge and sharp wit, takes up his own battle with a set of criminals who are the scourge of the Los Angeles streets: the powerful Asian underground. When a good friend's two young children become the targets of a Chinatown kidnapping, Simeon is drawn into a culture that is almost impenetrable - and incomprehensible - to outsiders. Fearing a crueler reprisal by the forces that took their little girl and boy, even the parents refuse to inform the police. This is a world that defies the criminal justice system and offers only one way to strike back - through vigilante revenge. An unidentified dead body left at the scene convinces Simeon that he has even more on his hands than a kidnapping, especially when faced with the unwanted attention of two Vietnamese guns-for-hire. To get to the bottom of this seedy criminal network that's leaving its mark all over town, Simeon plunges himself into the bloody nightmare that is everyday business in the grisly streets of L.A. But the usual savagery takes an even gorier turn when he discovers a new item in the Chinese black market - the sale of recent immigrants into slavery - bringing Simeon face to face with an inhuman brute who will stop at nothing to silence his enemies. Racing against time to prevent this murderous thug from victimizing more immigrants and killing anyone who gets in his way, Simeon takes on the Asian underground by stabbing at their one Achilles heel - by using their own people against them.

eBook A Man With No Time (Simeon Grist Mystery, #5)

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