Handbooks in Operations Research & Management Science

PDF-file by Cynthia Barnhart

Handbooks in Operations Research & Management Science PDF ebook download This book contains eleven chapters describing some of the most recent methodological operations research developments in transportation. It is structured around the main transportation modes, and each chapter is written by a group of well-recognized researchers. Because of the major impact of operations research methods in the field of air transportation over the past forty years, it is befitting to open the book with a chapter on airline operations management.

This book will prove useful to researchers, students, and practitioners in transportation and will stimulate further research in this rich and fascinating area.
*Volume 14 examines transport and its relationship with operations and management science
*11 chapters cover the most recent research developments in transportation
*Focuses on main transportation modes-air travel, automobile, public transit, maritime transport, and more

eBook Handbooks in Operations Research & Management Science

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