Symbols and Shadows

PDF-file by Donald W. Parry

Symbols and Shadows PDF ebook download The scriptures declare that all things testify of Christ. But what does that really mean? How do we identify and understand symbols of the Atonement? Because Jesus Christ and his Atonement are absolutely central to God s plan, our Heavenly Father has given witnesses all around us in heaven, on earth, and throughout His holy word. An ancient legal code, the high priest s sacred vestments, even the seven cities of refuge all these and more provide rich symbols of Jesus Atonement. We find types and symbols in the lives of ancient prophets and the details of modern ordinances, as well as scriptural patterns, stories, and parables that bear witness of Jesus Christ and his divine sacrifice. This remarkable book will increase our understanding of the Atonement and show how it reaches into our hearts, impacts our daily lives, and increases our desire to become like God.

eBook Symbols and Shadows

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