Whispers of Spirit and Happiness

PDF-file by Deepak Chopra

Whispers of Spirit and Happiness PDF ebook download Whispers of Spirit and Happiness weaves powerful affirmational phrases written by Deepak Chopra and don Miguel Ruiz, into a deeply moving musical soundtrack CD #1) Whispers of Spirit One of the preeminent teachers of healing and spirituality in the world today, Dr. Chopra's words are spoken, sung and ?whispered, ? connecting you with your deepest self and opening you up to experiencing yourself as an expression of universal spirit. Listen to this unique musical experience to create an atmosphere charged with uplifting spiritual energy. Soulful performances by Grammy winning artists energize Deepak's transformational words. CD #2) Whispers of Happiness Don Miguel's words are spoken, sung and ?whispered, ? by two extraordinary vocalists who imbue his loving message with beauty and joy. Listen to Whispers of Happiness to surround yourself with the life-affirming words of this masterful teacher of ancient wisdom. Internationally acclaimed musicians lend their melodic gifts to empower this heart warming musical experience.

eBook Whispers of Spirit and Happiness

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