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Four stars: A great intro book for young readers on the ever fascinating Titanic.

What is about the story of the ill fated Titanic's maiden voyage a hundred years ago that still captivates and fascinates the world today?In the book, Escaping Titanic, another generation is introduced to the doomed ship.Follow Ruth Becker, a capable and brave twelve year old girl, who along with her mother and young siblings set sail on the majestic, unsinkable ship.The book relates Ruth harrowing ordeal as she accidentally becomes separated from her mother when their life boat launches leaving her alone on the deck of the sinking ship.The courageous heroine luckily finds a seat in one of the last remaining life boats.As her life boat is lowered into the water another hangs precariously over the top of Ruth's life boat, threatening to squash them.As Ruth and the others barely escape, the are faced with the horror of watching thousands of souls succumb to the icy waters as Titanic plunges to the bottom of the ocean.Ruth remains brave in the face of the horrific tragedy.She shares her blankets, offers comfort to other passengers and even binds the bleeding hand of an oarsman with the cherished handkerchief her father gave her.At last they are rescued and Ruth is reunited with her family.For Ruth it is a happy ending, her family is safe, including her father, who never boarded the Titanic. But for many others it is tragic end.Ruth refuses to tell anyone of her experience on the great ocean liner, until her later years when she finally tells her tale.
If you are looking for a great introductory book for grade school readers I would highly recommend Escaping Titanic.This book relates the tragic circumstances of the Titanic in an appropriate manner for young readers.This book has beautifully, colored illustrations that are sure to please picture enthusiasts (myself included).Ruth is an admirable young lady and the best part is that this is a true story.I was delighted to read Ruth's bio at the end of the book, I had no idea it was based on an eye witness account.
My only complaint regarding this book was that I would have liked the author to discuss the class segregation and the poor loading of the lifeboats.I would also like more information on the life of Ruth after the Titanic.
Escaping Titanic, is a perfect introduction for young, curious minds interested to learn more about the deathly, first voyage of the unsinkable Titanic.
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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