Speed Date Portuguese - Learn Brazilian Portuguese - Portuguese Language Learning For Left Brained People

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Speed Date Portuguese - Learn Brazilian Portuguese - Portuguese Language Learning For Left Brained People PDF ebook download Speed Date Portuguese is a language learning system which allows you to have real conversations with local Brazilians much more quickly than traditional approaches to language study.

The book was created based on the way the author learnt Portuguese. Faced with three hours to wait before going out with a girl who did not speak any English he discovered that most language learning books and phrase books give you very little in terms of real Portuguese to actually be able to make conversation. They were usually a simple collection of phrases or non-related elements of language structure.

Speed Date Portuguese offers a solution to the usual Portuguese learning problems. It takes you back at the beginning to the key concept missed by most language systems. That is, how do you speak English? As we learnt to talk when we were very young most people have very little knowledge of how to speak English. This is a problem because Portuguese is structured differently to English.

Portuguese has the same structure as the Latin languages (Spanish, Italian, French) so for people from these countries to learn the other language it is fairly easy as they have a similar structure. For an English speaker to learn them they are much more difficult. The first step to success comes in having a greater understanding of the structure of English and then the contrasting structure of Portuguese.

The book places a heavy emphasis on verbs and the verbs formula from which every single sentence is constructed. Most language learning systems shy away from verbs because people think they are “boring”. However, if faced with a real life meeting with a non-English speaker you more concerned about long silences than being bored reading about verbs.

The early part of the book offers a 120 verb formulations which if learnt will allow you to make conversation in many different ways. This can contrasted with learning say 120 words of vocabulary. With 120 verbs formulations you can say “I will go, I went, I had, I would have, I was doing, I am, we were etc”. The possibility of conversation thereafter is almost infinite compared to knowing a set of random words “cat, red, table, car”. This works well on a date because in general it is possible to quickly look up a word, e.g. dog or you could mime a dog barking or simply point at one across the square. To mime or look up “I used to have” is difficult.

The latter section of the book has in-depth Portuguese vocabulary to compliment the verb structure. The book has hundreds of example sentences throughout to give you a feel of the speaking Portuguese. It also has some powerful methods for rapidly learning the language.

The Book Takes A Left Brained Approach To Language Learning And Delivers Fast And Powerful Results. If you are more analytical, logical based in your problem solving this book will give you a breakthrough when it comes to Portuguese language study compared to more traditional approaches

This book is the Brazil Edition. For Portuguese outside of Brazil please see the Portugal Edition

eBook Speed Date Portuguese - Learn Brazilian Portuguese - Portuguese Language Learning For Left Brained People

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