Faces In A Dusty Picture

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Faces In A Dusty Picture PDF ebook download Early period Kersh, one of his WWII books. Perfectly paced - the way books today just aren't - and with fully-realized characters, though perhaps not as brawny and grim as Brain and Ten Fingers or They Die with Their Boots Clean.

This, Kersh's eighth novel, from 1945 is nevertheless all leather and grit. All grime, oil and conviction, and with the keen eye and novel turns of phrase that keep me coming back to Kersh. Surely a master of prose, it is apparent that each detail was borne from his own hard life and innate creativity.

A character study of men under difficult circumstances, like the earlier 'Brain and Ten Fingers' and his later (and less successful, in my opinion) The Weak and the Strong, this is certainly an essential Kersh novel for Kersh fans (our small and dwindling tribe). Just like most of his work, this book is long out of print, and not as easy to find at his best known works (e.g.,Night and the City), it may still be found on ebay or alibris for a decent price, or even occasionally found in a used-book section for a few dollars.

eBook Faces In A Dusty Picture

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