Princess Buttercup The Cat's Cross-Country Road Trip #3

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Princess Buttercup The Cat's Cross-Country Road Trip #3 PDF ebook download How I learned to love my travel crate and travel with my two humans. Princess Buttercup The Cat is a keen observer and breaks the age-old cat code of silence because she knows her book by a cat about a cat with its cat humor will be way better than any book by a human. Her tell-all travel adventure with her humans in a 5 day 4 night cross-country dash in the heat of summer – cat under a hot tin roof – includes many humorous anecdotes and reveals a with-it, outspoken, and witty tuxedo cat whose humility, compassion, and strong dose of attitude shine through. She often listens to her humans and shares some of their experiences as well.

Princess Buttercup left her heart near San Francisco and tells her story in her own voice of her Road Trip #3 from her Pennsylvania home to her California home – California or bust – highlighting the perplexing behavior of humans in general and her humans in particular. Covering 2,976 miles in 5 days and crossing 12 states is a grueling but enlightening experience. She stays in pet-friendly hotels where she gets her own Princess Buttercup Luggage Cart. She describes her close encounter of the third kind with a Weimaraner in a hotel elevator. As a mile high kitty, she also stays in the Colorado home of her man human’s brother and mate along with 12 paws of the dog kind. Princess Buttercup describes the behavior and challenges of the barkers and the local wildlife.

Princess Buttercup gives a cat’s eye view of the vastness and beauty of the USA, the most celebrated section of the interstate highway system, the plains, the deserts, the mountains, the buttes, and the valleys, and an abandoned stealth airplane and Vegas, Baby, with wry comments from the comfort of her crate. She goes through a sandstorm, dust devils, tumbling tumbleweeds, thunderstorms – have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day – and 111° F heat. She relates the challenges of leash management and eating on the road.

An easy and fun read, Princess Buttercup’s book is full of quips and feline insights about life, humans, cats, dogs, and more. It’s also a how-to book about family travel with a cat. Princess Buttercup’s humans, who took notes and transcribed her story, are authors themselves and seasoned travelers. To purr or not to purr, that is the question.

eBook Princess Buttercup The Cat's Cross-Country Road Trip #3

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