The Physics of Sunset

PDF-file by Jane Vandenburgh

The Physics of Sunset PDF ebook download From the author hailed by Newsweek as "a writer of great daring and skill to match" comes a brilliant, wholly original novel about the freedoms and imprisonments of desire.

When "an active grief suddenly yawns open for no good reason in the middle of her life," Anna Bell-Shay
finds herself inexorably drawn to Alec Baxter, a celebrated architect. Both are transplanted Easterners in a form of exile in Berkeley, an enclave they find something less than paradise.

Alec—intense, intellectual, Jewish, an admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis I. Kahn—advocates the beauty of orderly buildings as ardently as he upholds the structure of his marriage. Anna is a poet, self-effacing and calm, devoted to the elegance of language. Against a backdrop of California's signature disasters—earthquakes, floods, urban wildfire—Alec and Anna explore an unexpected, extramarital physical passion with a recklessness that threatens the balance of their carefully constructed lives.

The Physics of Sunset is a spellbinding and fearlessly accurate portrait of the complex erotics of modern married life.

eBook The Physics of Sunset

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