Miss January

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Miss January PDF ebook download Miss January Madison Hayes "This book is part of the Calendar Girl series." "I'm afraid you might have spoiled me for other men." "Good," he rumbled darkly. "And now, I'm going to absolutely fucking ruin you." Mindy Walters is a pessimist where men and love are concerned. With a sexual history like hers, who can blame her? She avoids the opposite sex whenever possible-not too difficult a task since her height intimidates most men. When Cash McLaren tricks Mindy into taking him home, he's putting his New Year's resolution into effect. Tired of trying to find a woman who can hold his interest, the tall, ruggedly handsome urban cowboy plans to get himself a new woman for every month of the year. Mindy will be his Miss January and nothing more. But after the two lovers share a scorching sexual encounter in a phone booth, Cash's resolution goes right out the window. The next thing he knows, he's asking Mindy to marry him. Because Cash no longer thinks of Mindy as Miss January, and nothing more. Nope. Now he's thinking of Mindy as Miss January.forevermore.

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