CODE Magazine - 2010 NovDec

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Table of Contents:
*) Show Me the Money and Other Sundry Stories
*) Licensing and Obfuscation
*) SharePoint Applied: Enterprise Content Types
*) Embracing Community: Becoming a Speaker
*) Post Mortem: Desaware's Licensing System 1.x
*) Highlights of ASP.NET MVC 3
*) Super Productivity: Using WPF and Silverlight's Automatic Layout Features in Business Applications
*) Beyond the Boundaries of Visual Studio 2010 with WebUI Test Studio
*) MVVM Made Simple
*) Unit Testing CLR Assemblies Using IronRuby
*) Using Entity Framework in Silverlight with Visual Basic
*) POCO Support Comes to Entity Framework 4
*) Incorporating ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server Reporting Services, Part 2
*) Ask the Doc Detective
*) Managed Coder: “If Only Aristotle had Not Said Otherwise, I Would Believe You”�

eBook CODE Magazine - 2010 NovDec

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