Say "Ahhh..." (Bedside Manners #1)

PDF-file by Donna Sterling

Say "Ahhh..." (Bedside Manners #1) PDF ebook download As a doctor, he wanted to make sure she was well. As a man, he wanted... not to be a doctor!

Dr. Connor Wade: Back home, fresh from the city, he was looking for an uncomplicated country girl and, eventually, a passel of kids. Then Sarah Flowers walked into his office. She was everything he wanted in a woman—and everything he didn't....

Sarah Flowers: That's the name she'd picked. But choosing what to do next was more difficult. One thing she knew. Responding to the sexual magnetism of Connor Wade, allowing herself to dream of a future with him, might bring the past—whatever it was—tumbling down.


eBook Say "Ahhh..." (Bedside Manners #1)

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