When A Woman Loves A Woman

PDF-file by Kourtney Carter

When A Woman Loves A Woman PDF ebook download Everyone has a story but only a few decide to share it with the world. They say live your truth! No one tells you how difficult that can be when all you know is the church life, and you’re doing the total opposite of what you've been taught!

When A Woman Loves A Woman is a compelling memoir of a young woman who realizes that she must live her truth no matter what!

This touching book sheds light from childhood to adult experiences, family traditions, first loves, and tomboyish ways! It even talks about being wrapped up in HER, Gods Conversation, HIM and much more.
When a Woman Loves A Woman will take you deep into the mind, body and soul of the author. Each page will have you wanting to know more.

eBook When A Woman Loves A Woman

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