Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities

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Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities PDF ebook download This is the first book to deal with sexuality in all phases of formal education, from early years to university. It presents a review of the literature across all the phases and combines it with the original research by each of the three authors. The book examines the naturalization of heterosexuality in educational settings and the playing out of sexualities in relation to other characteristics that make a difference, exploring the interrelations of sexuality, disability, race, class and gender. A key theme is the way that sexualities are manufactured in and by schools and universities. The following individually written chapters are wrapped in introductory and concluding chapters in which the authors write collaboratively: The primary phase: the informal curriculum of classroom and playground; Sex education and compulsory heterosexuality in primary schools; Emergent sexuality's in secondary schools; Disability, achievement, markets and sexuality; Post-compulsory education; post-compulsory heterosexuality - transitions to university; The hidden curriculum of higher education: possibilities, locations and the gay scene. This book makes a valuable and original contribution to the literature on equality - or inequality of opportunity and on sexuality. It will interest researchers, academics and teachers

eBook Silenced Sexualities in Schools and Universities

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