Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities

PDF-file by Kay Marie Porterfield

Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities PDF ebook download Recognizing that the teen years are a time of growth, transition, and tough choices, the Straight Talk series provides young readers with the knowledge they need to understand difficult issues, come to terms with their feelings, and make decisions that will work in the context of their lives. Without attempting to dictate answers, the Straight Talk series reminds its readers that all choices carry consequences. Each book is thoroughly indexed and contains a directory of resources. Straight Talk About Learning Disabilities provides information and suggestions of ways to get help for those who think they may have a LD or know someone whom they think has a LD. The author includes a moving preface in which she discusses her own experiences, in school and after graduation, with LDs. A list of agencies to contact for help or additional information is included.

eBook Straight Talk about Learning Disabilities

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