Roman Landscapes

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Roman Landscapes PDF ebook download A survey of archaeological evidence for agrarian practices around the Mediterranean, based on a 1988 conference at the British School at Rome. Topics covered: Methods and Problems (3 papers); Romanization of the Countryside (Gualdalquivir, Middle Ebro Valley, coastal Catalonia, Sardinia, Dalmatia); Towns and Territories (Ager Tarraconensis, Bologna, Tuscania, Crete, Greece); Lowland Agrarian Structures (Catalonia, N Etruria, Ager Falernus, Piacenza, Basse-Provence); Uplands (Samnium and Arcadia, W Lucania, Basilicata, W Apulia, Methana, Greece); Conclusions. This is the first (to appear) in a new series of A4 monographs of the British School at Rome. 240p with figs. (BSR, Archaeological Monograph 2, 1991) Pb

eBook Roman Landscapes

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