Into the Storm

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Into the Storm PDF ebook download Ostensibly this is the tail of a boat race.A boat race that headed straight into a perfect storm of destruction.It details the plight of Captain Ed Psaltis and his crew aboard the Midnight Rambler as they competed in the famed Sydney to Hobart race. With great peril to their own lives they not only attacked the storm but became the overall winner of the race; a feat not typically accomplished by a small boat.

Now I am someone who gets motion sick on something as simple as a ferris wheel, the thought of ever going on a boat (even in calm waters) is nauseating.Even so I found the tenacity of the crew fascinating, especially as they faced challenges.You should recognize the classic business book/case study with this scenario.A small yet determined crew against all odds, conditions that set back lesser teams, were able to overcome and achieve the ultimate success.You begin to see where our author is coming from with this story.He analyzed the entire race and several of the boats with their crews, and was able to distill down ten principles which allowed our heroes to conquer the field.These same principles when applied to any aspect of your life, especially business, will also allow you to succeed too.

I won’t go into them all but I will share one little side story that seems to be indicative of the whole project.While preparing for the race the Captain had a crew member disassemble, clean, and reassemble the cook stove in the boat.It was a time consuming process and not really that easy to complete, but especially when you consider on a four day race they wouldn’t be using the stove even once.It came down to knowing your ship completely and the discipline to follow orders without delay.When in a time of crisis everyone needs to work together as a team to get things done quickly.Any delays in this process, especially when 80 foot waves are crashing down on you, can lead to accidents and death.So this act let the crew know that there will be no shortcuts on this boat and we all will work together, always.If you can’t then we will need to replace you.

And so goes the whole book, taking the small microcosm of the Midnight Rambler as she battled the storm and race, and then teaching you the principles it takes to make it through.An enjoyable read that almost makes me want to try sailing too (almost, but not quite; but that is still a huge compliment in my weak stomach case).You will learn a few pointers that can help any endeavor you may wish to participate in.

eBook Into the Storm

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