The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book

PDF-file by Bruce Weinstein

The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book PDF ebook download Gelato may be Italian for ice cream, but "The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book" is American for the sequel to the best-selling "Ultimate Ice Cream Book." In the ninth installment of the wildly popular Ultimate series, powerhouse cookbook authors Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough churn out more than 500 recipes and variations for all kinds of frosty treats, including a wide range of gelato, granita, sherbet, and semifreddo. And there's a whole chapter on cakes, pies, and other treats made with ice cream or gelato, whether home-made or store-bought! Bruce and Mark prove that when it comes to frozen desserts, ice cream is only the tip of the iceberg! Together, these two books make the ultimate compendium on frozen treats.

eBook The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book

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