500 Cupcakes

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500 Cupcakes PDF ebook download Once upon a time, cupcakes were only a kid-friendly party favorite. No longer! Cupcakes are now the treat of the times, at once simple and chic. 500 Cupcakes is just that: a storehouse of recipes, written in clear instructions and appealingly packaged in bright, modern colors. 500 Cupcakes from front to back provides what bakers of all levels need to produce tempting creations. The introduction provides a comprehensive look at equipment and ingredients, plus a description of the cupcake-making process, from getting started to storing and transporting the yummy results The collection of recipes span from classic flavors and shapes to new favorites for every style and taste?including recipes for alternate diets. Each recipe is written in clear language (great for the novice baker), and every one features three variations on the basic recipe (great for the experienced baker seeking new flavors).

eBook 500 Cupcakes

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