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Too Far from Home PDF ebook download Paul Bowles is one of this century's most enigmatic and intriguing writers. Best known for his novel The Sheltering Sky, he has for over forty-five years worked in a variety of genres, writing novels, stories, travel accounts, essays, poetry, journals, and autobiography, each distinctively shaped by his arresting vision and style. Since 1947 he has lived as an American expatriate in Tangier, Morocco, and his groundbreaking work has formed an important departure point for an international array of writers - most notably the Beats, whose literature and lifestyle he influenced greatly. Long heralded as a writer's writer and once considered primarily a literary cult figure, Bowles has in recent years been recognized as an original - an enduring visionary whose stark, often violent tales and dispassionate objectivity prefigured and shaped much of our current literary landscape. This striking and comprehensive collection documents the range of his influence and highlights his remarkable virtuosity, what Joyce Carol Oates calls "the rich and unexpectedly variegated achievement of a major American writer." First published in 1949 and included here in its entirety, The Sheltering Sky established Bowles as one of the most singular and promising of an extraordinary post-war generation of writers. His first collection of stories, The Delicate Prey, published in 1950, solidified that reputation. Too Far from Home: The Selected Writing of Paul Bowles is a testament to how forcefully and brilliantly he delivered on that early promise. Taking its title from a new novella published here for the first time, this volume also brings together a dozen of Bowles's best stories; excerpts from his three othernovels, Let It Come Down, The Spider's House, and Up Above the World; excerpts from Points in Time, Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue, Days, and Without Stopping; as well as a group of poems, a selection of previously unpublished letters, and an interview conducted by

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