God, Are You There?

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God, Are You There? PDF ebook download A lot of books tell readers how to make things better. In God, Are You There? Steve Brown goes a step further and addresses readers who have "tried everything and it still isn't better." When someone has done everything right yet finds that everything has gone wrong, what's next? And what happened? God, Are You There? draws from the Book of Job and encourages readers to see events and circumstances from God's perspective. Brown grapples honestly with the reality of pain in a fallen world, asserting that distress can make a person either bitter or better. He points the way to hope, purpose, and healing in difficult times, even when an explanation seems elusive.Previously published as When Your Rope Breaks, this straightforward book will give readers new hope and courage as they learn how tragedies can be redemptive opportunities to experience the great depths of God's unconditional love.

eBook God, Are You There?

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