Exploring Auras

PDF-file by Susan G. Shumsky

Exploring Auras PDF ebook download Psychical self-defense book, quite different from the others, well worth of taking a look at it.

More advanced than usually system of chakras, subtle bodies and their sheaths, theories behind them, exercises for feeling aura, intuitional kinesiology as a method of divination with or without L-rods or pendulum, illustrations what are and how they look like thought-forms, arrow psychic: attacks, attachments, detachments, hooks, clamps, nets, energy leaks, energy vampyrism, astral intrusions, and ways to deal with them. Worked for some, judging from feedback from users.

Particularly interesting topics are:

Sending eartbound, lost entities to the light, clearing from reptilians and extraterrestrial malevolent entities, mass astral healing and sending to the light (at places of the great tragedies), healing hooks and psychic vampire ties.

Attention now: healing ancestral ties, generational curses, family curses, karmic bonds.

Help for psychic sponges that involuntarily pick up and carry with them anything they were exposed to. Pillar of light, affirmations, grounding, first aid.

Again, attention: calling back lost parts of yourself and releasing what is not yours. Transmuting into the good and releasing into the light black magic worked on you ever, releasing previous agreements and permissions.

Healing psychic bondage, coercion, psychic ties cut. Shielding and night protection from lower energies.

Healing aura and Yoga breath exercises, deep meditation. The author lived for 20 years in ashram in Tibet and other its locations.

Attention again: dealing with geopathic stress with L-rods, iron rods, copper wire (unlike as more expensive devices used by other authors). Locating underground streams, geopathic zones by dowsing, treatments for them.


Strongly Christ oriented, based on prayers (affirmations and invoking power of deity). Even if author says, p.61, that Christ means "anointed", uses Christ-self, Christ-consciousness. It may need overcoming for people belonging to different systems.

Title could reflect the psychic self defense orientation of the book, otherwise reader has no chance to find it between myriad of the others. I stumbled on it by accident, expecting to get generic aura book.

And I would appreciate more stylized or covered females in illustrations, as a sign of respect.

Overall, this book is worth of getting for own library of paranormal, ascendant, occult and new age books.

Other related, but having each a different approach, books are:

Spiritual Clearings: Sacred Practices to Release Negative Energy and Harmonize Your Life by Diane Burney.

Way of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall, (don't send loving energy to attacker, it could be transformed in negative and sent back; just forgive, then they have nothing to work with).

Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions by Dorothy Morrison, concept of transforming energy into the good instead of reversing back, leaving it bouncing back and forth between protected locations.

The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide by Robert Bruce, most realistic approach to physical manifestations.

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics by Reichter, Sophie: advanced shielding and other useful stuff.

eBook Exploring Auras

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