Improving Literacy at Work

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Improving Literacy at Work PDF ebook download Alison is a British author, academic and journalist, who also lived and worked for 10 years in the US, and manages to return there frequently. Her day job is in central central London, at King's College London, where she runs a public management Masters programme; but she alsopresents programmes for BBC Radio (Radio 4)and writes widely for national newspapers and magazines. Her most recent book, The XX Factor, was 'born of a sudden realization. People kept talking about 'women' as though we all had vast amounts in common. But this is completely wrong. The arrival on the planet of 70 million graduate, professional women has changed our societies from top to bottom, in ways we are only just starting to understand. Today's professional women are historically unique, and the book is about them. Since I'm one of them, it is also about my and my generation's lives. But it also about the differences between these 70 million and other women, and the widening gulf that spells the end of sisterhood.'

eBook Improving Literacy at Work

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