Spoon and the Moon

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Spoon and the Moon PDF ebook download Spoon and the Moon, an innovative eBook/app, recently received an "Honorable Mention" at the prestigious 2015 London Book Festival, was the Gold Medal winner of the 2013 IndieReader Discovery Award, received an eLit gold medal, and was runner-up in 2013 Best App Ever Contest. Spoon and the Moon is a whimsically seductive, adult fairytale.

"Eve was as plain looking as dry hospital toast. Whether her hair was raven black or navy blue, it was hard to tell. Perhaps one day she had slipped her hair on in the dark; applied one side black, and accidentally mismatched it with dark blue. There was nothing particular about her appearance, nothing to gain notice from anyone. Eve was not invisible, although she was clearly not seen . . . Eve had a three-kiss maximum before her shirt came off. Eve reasoned, 'By the third kiss I know if I want it at all. And if I want it at all, I want it all.' "
Here is a cast of unique characters that include a lactose intolerant cow, a devious little dog, a two-fingered hero and a lying pair of panties. This unique cast of characters will make you laugh out loud, but watch out . . . our Wishing Star isn’t cute or cuddly, and while everyone will have wishes come true, wishes are tricky and fate is capricious, if not murderous.

eBook Spoon and the Moon

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