Frenching Your Food

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French women are not so easily seduced by the false promises of food processing companies. Instead, they follow their bodies’ needs and the wisdom of their ancestors. The result is slender bodies, youthful skin, long lifespans and, above all, a healthy relationship with food.

Based upon over 20 years of wisdom collected from sexy French women, Frenching Your Food takes a fun and innovative look at the wisdom of the French diet from a unique perspective that is bound to make a lasting impression on readers. This book is for people who want to start losing weight, feeling great and look younger and sexier, while actually enjoying their meals instead of killing themselves at the gym and relying on starvation gimmicks to shed excess pounds.

Let go of guilt, and learn to love yourself and love your food. Get off the cycle of neurotic diets, which damage your health and bring passion back to your meals.

eBook Frenching Your Food

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