The Digital Writer's Guide to Highly Effective Work Habits

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The Digital Writer's Guide to Highly Effective Work Habits PDF ebook download NOTE: This is a single serving from The Digital Writer book, Writing Online by Sean Platt for writers who only need this specific information.

How successful do you want to be? And how willing are you to do what it takes to become that successful?

How you answer these questions will likely dictate your level of success. Often, we see people on the other side of the hump – after they've found success. From so-called overnight sensations to the Next Big Thing, when people pop on your radar, you rarely see the hard work that went into what was likely a slow and steady climb.

Yes, luck plays a part in success, but you can make your own luck by working hard, networking, and developing strategies and work habits that maximize your effort and minimize your struggle. You see the novelist who made it huge on Amazon when last month you didn't know her name, but you couldn’t see her countless hours spent hammering away at her stories, writing book after book, perfecting her formula until she found the one(s) which grabbed the attention of readers.

With hard work you can accomplish almost anything. YOU are your biggest asset. But if you’re like most digital writers, you are also your biggest obstacle.

Bad habits are formed by a slow and steady accumulation of mindless minutes. As a million years of rainfall smooth the slope of a mountain, so will a million misplaced moments warp your best intentions. Fortunately, you can unlearn bad habits and replace them with good ones which will propel you forward. But you'll never unlock the door unless you look for the key.

Start by searching for the reason in your routine. Finding the “why” in what you do is an excellent precursor to rooting out the undesirable. If a bad habit is built through a sequence of negative actions, a good one can be shaped by stringing opposite elements in the opposing direction.

This book is filled with thoughts on the work habits I’ve found most critical as a digital writer. What works for me may not work for you. That’s the problem with reading anyone else’s list of life hacks. You don’t need a How To, you need a Why Should I? It’s the universal thread that’s important – your need to change and the desire to do so.

When your want meets willingness, there’s no limit to how high you can climb.
The Digital Writer's Guide to Highly Effective Work Habits will help you make your own rules, and show you how to follow them.

eBook The Digital Writer's Guide to Highly Effective Work Habits

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