Galactic Creatures

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Galactic Creatures PDF ebook download Enter a Galaxy Full Of Wonder Take a voyage through a universe populated with eerie and complex starships and satellites, cunningly crafted to resemble creatures of fact and legend. Read about those who stare at the heavens and those who travel among the stars. Did you ever wonder why the chicken crossed the galaxy? Join Head Honcho Murphy and the Startenders of the Fool's Glory as they aid the cosmic chicken Manuk on a very unique rescue mission in "Crossing Roads" by Patrick Thomas. New York Times bestselling author Rosemary Edghill spins a tale of a dystopian future where the price of space travel and colonization is very high, indeed, and who can say what is true intelligence and whose side is the right side? Does war leave any victors? "Broken in the Place of Dragons" may give you some of the answers... These stories and others by C.J. Henderson, John L. French, Alex Shvartsman, Scott W. Baker, Don Sakes, James Daniel Ross, and Bernie Mojzes will keep you turning pages and looking for more.

eBook Galactic Creatures

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