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Recover Your Balance PDF ebook download Is A Distressing Experience at Work or in Your Career Bringing You Down? Feeling Afraid, Anxious, Depressed, Isolated or all of these things? Well it's time to take a deep breath and pick yourself up because you now hold in your hands the key to the solution you've been seeking... Recover Your Balance is a flexible, seven-step self-coaching system for people who need to recover their confidence and self-esteem after suffering any sort of bad experience at work. Using real-life stories and proven psychological techniques, this book will encourage and help you to... Create a clear vision of what you want to be different Have a structured plan for overcoming your current problems Understand how the experience is affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Get back in touch with your strengths, values and presence Learn from the negative experience and use it to strengthen you Move on with confidence, purpose and renewed energy Seek out and attract the support you want and need Develop unshakable internal balance and recover your emotional poise Whether you're suffering work-place bullying, burnout, drastic and dramatic changes, problems with your boss, fear for job security, derailment or any other serious setback, the consequences can quickly spill over into your personal life too. So, the sooner you can recover your balance and protect your self-esteem from the negative experiences at work, the sooner you will feel better about your self, your career and your whole life. Ann Lewis, is a leadership and workplace coach, who knows only too well the damage that workplace distress can cause. When she was bullied by her boss early on in her career it damaged her self-esteem for far longer than it would have done if she'd had the information contained in this book! She eventually went on to have a successful HR career, but was still prone to unjustified self-doubt. When she became a full-time coach in 2003 she found her sensitivity to work-related distress enabled her to lead clients rapidly towards increased self-esteem, happiness and productivity. Learn more at

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