The Wildes of Wyoming (The Wildes of Wyoming, #2)

PDF-file by Ruth Ryan Langan

The Wildes of Wyoming (The Wildes of Wyoming, #2) PDF ebook download From his very first glance at doe-eyed Dr. Erin Ryan, desire gripped millionaire rancher Hazard Wilde. But that didn't mean he'd signed up for family and forever. He believed in land, family legacy. . . and passion. Nothing more. A veterinarian, Erin was there to unravel the mysterious illness that had descended upon his herd, and if they found pleasure in an embrace or a kiss, well, that was only temporary! She was intellect and soft curves; he was saddle smarts and rough edges. But as passion engulfed them, danger crept closer. Seems the trouble with his cattle was no accident. . . and evil threatened Erin next. Was the resounding drumbeat of Hazard's heart a noble determination to protect a lady in peril. . . or was it love?

eBook The Wildes of Wyoming (The Wildes of Wyoming, #2)

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